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Need a freelance writer?

I can help.

I specialize in:

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– Educational content writing and health and wellness. However, as a parent, I love to talk about parenting topics too and would love to share my knowledge and expertise as a mother and educator with the parenting community.

– Writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) as well as Social Media Optimized (SMO) content so that Google pays attention to your site.

– Web writing that is easy to scan and will get your readers’ attention.

What I do:

Content writing – There are many forms of content writing and I can do them all. Blogging, creative writing, social media writing, SEO writing, I can write that for you.

Article writing – Do you need a formal thoroughly-researched article for a specific targeted audience? I know my way around the web and what constitutes as a creditable source.

I can help you create:

  • -High- quality blog posts, articles, and long form content.
  • -Newsletters
  • -E-books
  • -Whitepapers
  • -Interactive lesson plans
  • -PDF worksheets

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